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— Marcel Marceau

Compared to Chaplin's "Little Tramp", lauded by Marcel Marceau, Mime Artist, Rick Wamer creates compelling physical story telling by what some have called "body theatre". International audiences have been enjoying Rick's versatile brand of comedic, lyric, and contagious blend of physicality, story, character, monologue, ensemble, multi-media, mask theater around the globe for over three decades.

Inspired by the Founders

Decroux's  "The Factory"  Juniata College 2012

Decroux's "The Factory" Juniata College 2012

For thirty-five years Rick Wamer has been delighting and informing audiences with his acclaimed solo performances, ensemble work, choreography commissions and teaching on the global stage!  Grounded in the work of the French and Polish founders of 20th century mime, Etienne Decroux, Marcel Marceau and Stefan Niedzialkowski, and mentored through the School for Mimes of Gregg Goldston and C. Nicholas Johnson, Wamer continues to innovate a unique and personal mime theatre.


Photo Credit:  Dragan Chulo  Beograd, Serbia, 2013

Photo Credit: Dragan Chulo Beograd, Serbia, 2013

Wamer's style of teaching mime, focused on what he calls the physical imagination, has helped and inspired theatre practitioners among physical, stage and screen actors alike. Dancers have found his approach to immediate presence in form to be incredibly insightful.  He also offers private coaching for techniques of physical projection and stylization.  The entire approach will be documented in an upcoming publication tentatively titled: What the Body Knows, the Actor Crafts - The Physical Imagination and the Actor's Presence in Role.  Watch the WamerBlog for announcements about the progress on the work.



Warsaw, Poland with Said Salama  (left)  &  Gregg Goldston   (right)

Warsaw, Poland with Said Salama (left) & Gregg Goldston (right)

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