The Physical Imagination: Trusting the Sensations of the Body

A physical actor's perspective, I hope you watch for my book.  Publication expected mid summer, 2016.  Here are some ideas that will be considered in terms of what my life in physical theatre and mime has taught me:

  • there is never enough time, but there is time enough
  • it takes courage to act
  • a performance is not the endgame; it is simply a source of new data that informs next steps
  • acting is not make believe, but it is believing with the physical imagination, that is, experiencing and responding to sensations in role
  • presence is experiencing sensations - the attending to and expressing of physical information imagined in the body of the actor
  • one cannot believe in what one knows to be false, but one can believe in the sensations of the body; all sensations, imagined or not, art true
  • stillness magnifies vision, focus and action - stillness is action
  • your work is your craft; craft is your life; your life is your work
  • attend, attend, attend - to everything
  • energy is material; it is real; you are energy; energy constantly transforms; you are ever transforming; play the transformations
  • personal energy changes, impacts, creates, and alters the atmosphere of relationship
  • you cannot control what the audience or your fellow actors bring to a performance, but you can authentically respond
  • Watch for more in subsequent posts!  Oh, and follow me on Twitter@TMimeTheatre, on FaceBook @ The Physical Imagination and rwamer.  My website, under revision is WamerMime.  

The Physical Imagination is underway!

I begin in earnest on the compiling of notes and the writing of my first book, looking at publication sometime next summer, early fall.

Watch for short blurbs as work progresses, and at times, small passages to be included in the book.

The work addresses sources of my inspiration and the learning I've experienced through the artistry of physical acting, and the interconnectedness of my life lessons based in the knowledge of the body, guided by what I call "the physical imagination".

Release the limits of imagination being bound to mind, and open up to the wisdom available daily in your physical presence. We are whole creatures, and the body has a world of wisdom to share to help us holistically experience the fullness of life, and express our uniqueness of being. Hope you enjoy the journey along with me.

I will be setting up a website in the next few weeks. Watch for that post when I take it live. all means, please like my page. I intend to post weekly on progress and thought.

Meanwhile, listen as your body speaks!

- wamermime